Prometheus Brown (Blue Scholars) and Bambu like to rap. As the highest-selling duo on the label, they carry a very distinct style with their records, never departing far from what their fans have come to appreciate about their work prior to their collaboration. After the successful release of Prometheus Brown and Bambu Walk Into A Bar (2011), they hit the studio with their DJ/producer, DJ Nphared to record their sophomore group effort, Barkada (2014). Now, in a world overrun by trigger-happy police, countless Republican presidential candidates, and a coastal drought, The Bar has returned to unleash their most mythological effort yet: the Son of Barkada EP. It is inspired by their sold-out dive bar & arena performances, b-movies, post-match boxing interviews, Pinay nurses and paintings from Tyrese's house. With Son of Barkada, the trio of Prometheus Brown, Bambu & DJ Nphared firmly establish themselves at the pinnacle of mature Filipino rap in America.

As a group, The Bar has opened arena shows for The Dream and Kendrick Lamar, rocked a stadium with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in Manila, performed in a backyard in Delano, California and managed to upset actress Rashida Jones with their love ballad titled, Rashida Jones. The emotional roller coaster that you are sure to embark on when these guys hit the stage may be physically overwhelming, so hydrate.




The Comrades Sessions EP [Bambu] (Beatrock Music 2015)

Son of Barkada (Beatrock Music 2015)

Party Worker [Bambu] (Beatrock Music x Bambu DePistola 2014)

5AM in Manila EP [Bambu] (Beatrock Music x Uprising Records 2014)

Barkada (Beatrock Music 2014)

Sun of a Gun Mixtape [Bambu] (Beatrock Music 2013)

The Lean Sessions EP [Bambu] (Beatrock Music 2013) rifle per family. [Bambu] (Beatrock Music 2012)

Cinemetropolis [Prometheus Brown (Blue Scholars)] (Self-Released 2011)

Diamond Supply Co. Presents: Bambu FreEP [Bambu] (Diamond Supply Co. 2011)

Prometheus Brown and Bambu Walk into a Bar (Beatrock Music x In4mation 2011)

...(spare change)... [Bambu] (Beatrock Music 2011)

Red October EP [DJ Nphared] (Self-Released 2010)

Los Angeles, Philippines Mixtape [Bambu and DJ Muggs] (Soul Assassins 2010)

...paper cuts... [Bambu] (Beatrock Music 2010)

Bayani Redux [Prometheus Brown (Blue Scholars)] (Massline/Duck Down 2009)

OOF! EP [Prometheus Brown (Blue Scholars)] (Massline/Duck Down 2009)

A Peaceful Riot [Bambu (Fatgums X Bambu)] (Beatrock Music 2009)

...exact change... [Bambu] (Community Kitchen Recordings 2009)

Butter & Gun$ EP [Prometheus Brown (Blue Scholars)] (Massline/Rawkus 2008)

Bayani [Prometheus Brown (Blue Scholars)] (Massline/Rawkus 2007)

...i scream bars for the children... [Bambu] (Self-Released 2007)

Joe Metro EP [Prometheus Brown (Blue Scholars)] (Massline/Rawkus 2007)

Stray Bullets Mixtape Volume II [Bambu/Native Guns] (Native Guns 2007)

Barrel Men [Bambu (Native Guns)] (Native Guns 2006)

Stray Bullets Mixtape [Bambu (Native Guns)] (Native Guns 2006)

The Long March EP (Self-Released 2005)

.38 Revolver Mixtape [Bambu] (Self-Released 2005)

Blue Scholars [Prometheus Brown (Blue Scholars)] (Self-Released 2004)

self untitled... [Bambu] (Poorhouse Projekts/Sole Gorilla Recordings 2002)