Rocky Rivera is not a Female MC.  She is an artist who makes movement music for the masses.  Rocky’s music is a soundtrack for social justice and a rallying cry to challenge the dominant norms of society.  Since her first project on the label, Pop Killer (2011), Rocky has been challenging the normalcy of misogyny and patriarchy plaguing Hip Hop.  But the most important element of Rocky’s music is that she creates a safe space to deconstruct the mechanisms of oppression, while never losing musicality in the message.  Rocky Rivera makes music that sounds good and is even better for you.

Through her dynamic live shows, Rocky has amassed an international fanbase she lovingly refers to as her #RockySoldiers. Her debut album on the label, Gangster of Love (2013), was the first project of hers to chart on iTunes and immediately put her name in Top 10 lists all over the internet. Then in early 2015, Rocky churned out a fascinating six-song project, Nom de Guerre, and her latest endeavor is an anthemic, heartfelt effort with flawlessly executed production. The Rock&Roz mixtape series with DJ Roza is also an annual fan favorite that lends itself a playful side to their combined artistry and highlights the classic hip hop combo of MC and DJ.




Nom de Guerre Remixed by DJ Nphared (Beatrock Music 2015)

Nom de Guerre EP (Beatrock Music 2015)

Rock & Roz Present: Rose Gold (Beatrock Music 2015)

Gangster of Love (Beatrock Music 2013)

Rock & Roz Present: The Morning After Mixtape Part 2 (Beatrock Music/RRS Feed 2013)

Rock & Roz Present: The Morning After Mixtape (Beatrock Music/RRS Feed 2012)

Rock & Roz Present: The Friday Mixtape (Beatrock Music/RRS Feed 2011)

Pop Killer MXTP (Beatrock Music 2011)

Rock & Roz Present: Hearts + Minds Mixtape (RRS Feed 2010)

Rocky Rivera (Guerilla Busfare 2010)

Married to the Hustle Mixtape (Guerrilla Busfare 2008)