From his immigrant upbringing to his nomadic lifestyle, Power Struggle's front man Nomi evokes the sound of the weary traveler finding home over the horizon. From a hip-hop perspective, Nomi's poignant lyrics and political analysis are unique in a culture/ genre that's been highjacked by gunclappers, pimps, and businessmen. With a strong belief in Social Justice, Nomi is committed to worker's rights advocacy, working as a community organizer at the Filipino Community Center in the Excelsior District of San Francisco. 

After growing up in the industrial river city of St. Paul, MN, Nomi moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2001 to join the independent Hip-Hop sensation Oddjobs. After numerous national tours with groups like Atmosphere, Brother Ali, De La Soul, Zion I and Lyrics Born, Nomi and (the now defunct) Oddjobs made their way west to San Francisco California. Nomi eventually parted ways with Oddjobs to create his own collaborative group, Power Struggle. Producers Deetalx, Mr. Rey, Fatgums, DJ ET and others have all been a part of the group. 

As one of the first official artists to sign with Beatrock Music, Power Struggle has released some of the label's most impactful works. The first official release from Power Struggle, Remittances (2010), has become the soundtrack for organizers across the Bay Area. The follow-up LP, In Your Hands, was met with the same support and can be heard at rallies and protests across the Bay over. Nomi of Power Struggle spends most of his waking hours embedded in his organizing work and it reflects in the raw emotion in the way his lyrics are delivered.




This Mic Kills Fascists (Beatrock Music 2016)

In Your Hands (Beatrock Music 2014)

Remittances (Beatrock Music 2010)

Hearts and Minds (DNP Records 2008)

Arson at the Petting Factory (New Disorder Records 2005)

Kill The Vultures [Kill The Vultures] (Locust Media/Jib Door 2005)

The Shopkeepers Wife [Oddjobs] (Third Earth Music/Caroline Distribution 2003)

Drums [Oddjobs] (Third Earth Music/Caroline Distribution 2002)