Bambu is a father, MC and community organizer. Raised in the Watts district of Los Angeles, as a young boy he experienced a life that other rappers have glorified, but rarely experienced. As he navigated through a turbulent youth, Bambu turned around the destructive energy that surrounded him and poured it into making music. Bambu has been lauded by his fans and contemporaries for his lyrical storytelling abilities. Whether fictional or autobiographical, his vividly-detailed narratives are characterized by an honesty that is equal parts brutal, thought-provoking and liberating. Bambu music is not for mere performance - he utilizes his music as a tool for a larger goal - to reach and support youth who face similar issues that he did, and move them to question what goes on in the world.

Bambu has reached audiences across the country and internationally with his explosive and engaging live performance, and has shared the stage with such acts as Common, X-Clan, Medusa, Dilated Peoples, Psycho Realm, Planet Asia, Zion-I, the Blue Scholars, Immortal Technique, the Visionaries, Pac Div and more. For more on Bambu, visit




Exrcising A Demon | A Few Left (Beatrock Music 2018)

Prey For The Devil (Beatrock Music 2016)

The Comrades Sessions EP (Beatrock Music 2015)

Son of Barkada EP [The Bar] (Beatrock Music 2015)

Party Worker (Beatrock Music x Bambu DePistola 2014)

5AM in Manila EP (Beatrock Music x Uprising Records 2014)

Barkada [The Bar] (Beatrock Music 2014)

Sun of a Gun Mixtape (Beatrock Music 2013)

The Lean Sessions EP (Beatrock Music 2013) rifle per family. (Beatrock Music 2012)

Diamond Supply Co. Presents: Bambu FreEP (Diamond Supply Co. 2011)

Prometheus Brown and Bambu Walk into a Bar [The Bar] (Beatrock Music x In4mation 2011)

...(spare change)... (Beatrock Music 2011)

Los Angeles, Philippines Mixtape (Soul Assassins 2010)

...paper cuts... (Beatrock Music 2010)

A Peaceful Riot [Fatgums X Bambu] (Beatrock Music 2009)

...exact change... (Community Kitchen Recordings 2009)

...i scream bars for the children... (Self-Released 2007)

Stray Bullets Mixtape Volume II [Native Guns] (Native Guns 2007)

Barrel Men [Native Guns] (Native Guns 2006)

Stray Bullets Mixtape [Native Guns] (Native Guns 2006)

.38 Revolver Mixtape (Self-Released 2005)

self untitled... (Poorhouse Projekts/Sole Gorilla Recordings 2002)